Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Meeting

Salem Oregon SQL Server User Group (SOSSUG) Reminder… Tomorrow!!! July 18th 2012 at 5:30 PM. Speaker: Jeremiah Peschka presents A Developer's Guide to Fixing Dangerous Queries. SQL Server does a good job of working with whatever garbage we throw at it, but sometimes a helping hand is needed to smooth things out. You may have meant well when you wrote that sloppy SQL, but that predicate lurking under the surface is poisoning your performance. This session will expose your worst habits, anti-patterns, and bad practices. By the time we're done, your T-SQL will be on the path to making things right again. This talk will be therapeutic for anyone from a junior DBA to a senior developer. Tuning these awful queries doesn't have to be a black art - SQL Server provides you with all the information you need to understand what a query is doing. In this session we'll walk through execution plan basics and other built-in tools to make tuning queries easier. Biography: Jeremiah Peschka @peschkaj helps developers, DBAs, and engineers build faster, robust, and scalable solutions; Microsoft SQL Server is frequently a part of that solution, but other databases are also. He has worked as a database and emerging technology expert at Quest Software researching new trends and technologies around data storage. Before that Jeremiah worked across many industries as a system administrator, developer, and DBA, and has been involved in all aspects of application development and deployment. Meeting Location: PH Tech 3993 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE Salem, Oregon 97302 Agenda: Introductions Dinner: TBD Chapter News Speaker: Jeremiah Peschka Award Door Prizes or Giveaways Networking Time