Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 16th Meeting

Our upcoming meeting tomorrow the 16thof January at 5:30. Red Gate is sponsoring our meeting. We have prizes to give away. We have lots of SQL books and other items. 

Arnie Rowland will be presenting on usage of Red Gate tools as per the group’s request. This will be an exciting event with great food and prizes.

Understanding Execution Plans (and what to do with them.)

Understanding Execution Plans provide the basis for Query Performance Tuning
What are the Differences between Estimated and Actual

What Plan Tools to use?

Reading and Making Sense

Key Operators
·         SELECT
·         Table Scan
·         Clustered Index Scan
·         Clustered Index Seek
·         NC Index Scan
·         NC Index Seek
·         RID Lookup
·         Key Lookup
·         Sort
·         JOIN (Loop/Merge/Hash)

Now What?

Ben Pickett Twitter: @benptweet # SOSSUG http://sossug.com

Meeting Location:

PH Tech
3993 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
Salem, Oregon 97302


Chapter News
Arnie Rowland Red-Gate Tools
Award Door Prizes or Giveaways
Networking Time


Ben Pickett
Twitter: @benptweet #SOSSUG