Monday, April 16, 2012

April Meeting

Good Morning Everyone,

This coming Wednesday, 18th of April at 5:30 PM, is our next SOSSUG meeting. We have received a sponsorship from Idera so we will be having a nice dinner. Tentative menu is assorted Deli Sandwiches from Sandwich Express.

Speaker: Jeremiah Peschka’s

Topic: Rules Rules Rules

Computers are governed by the rules of physics: electrons, drive
heads, and disk platters can only move so fast. Understanding how
these rules operate and interact leads to insights into application performance.
Understanding why something might perform a certain way makes it much
easier to understand the tradeoffs of a specific design.
Database systems are built according to those rules: memory is faster
than disk which is faster than the network. Database schemas and
queries are built within the rules of database systems. You will hit
the limitations of these rules. If you know what the rules are and why
they are in place, you'll know when it's time to break them... and how
to succeed.

Biography: Jeremiah Peschka @peschkaj helps developers, DBAs, and engineers build faster, robust, and scalable solutions; Microsoft SQL Server is frequently a part of that solution, but other databases are also. He has worked as a database and emerging technology expert at Quest Software researching new trends and technologies around data storage. Before that Jeremiah worked across many industries as a system administrator, developer, and DBA, and has been involved in all aspects of application development and deployment.

Meeting Location:

PH Tech
3993 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
Salem, Oregon 97302


Dinner We will be having deli sandwiches
Chapter News
Speaker: Jeremiah Peschka’s
Award Door Prizes or Giveaways
Networking Time


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